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On Thursday, March 20th, 2008, Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales, announced on his blog that he would be launching a new network called JellyTelly. Late night Monday, November 3rd, 2008, JellyTelly went live.

How is the programming? Does it live up to the anticipation? And it it worth your money to subscribe to JellyTelly?

The answer to all of these questions is yes.

As reported earlier, everyday on the JellyTelly website, a new video is available to watch. As of this review, the new video goes live for you to watch around midnight each day, depending on your time zone. The video is a collection of shorts and other shows put together in the style of a TV network.

To view JellyTelly, you can sign up at the JellyTelly site for a free trial. After that, you have the choice of paying $2.99 a month to continue having access. Is it worth it to subscribe? Yes it is. You are getting A LOT of great content streamed to your computer for the price. And when you subscribe, you are helping people create more great Christian-themed media. I'd say it's worth it.

If you dont sign up for JellyTelly, you can view the homepage and the "grownups section" where you can view a welcome video by Phil Vischer, contact information, privacy policies and the terms of use. Once you sign up for JellyTelly, the video and games sections are unlocked.

In terms of the games, they are all simple, Flash-based games, and they are all done really well. If you like the games that are on many of the Flash game portals on the internet, you will really like the games on JellyTelly.

The video section is where you watch the JellyTelly shows. The process for watching the show is simple: 1) Click a day, 2) That day's show will load, and 3) Press the play button and your watching JellyTelly. The video player includes volume control and a button to choose fullscreen or windowed view.

On the technical side, the shows loaded well. We used a high speed connection and 95% of the time, the show never stopped for loading. This might change based on your computers speed, so keep that in mind. Audio and video quality for each show is great, too.

In terms of the content side, many different shows play on JellyTelly, including exclusive shows and shorts produced for just for JellyTelly and 3rd party programming.

As far as 3rd party programming, so far, KidMo, Hermie and Friends, GodRocks, and Drive Thru History have been included in the JellyTelly programs, and the movie of the week was "The Rise and Fall of Tony the Frog," an episode of Life at the Pond.

As far as exclusive JellyTelly programming, it includes many different puppet based programs. All of them are very entertaining! Some things are there to present a lesson and others are there just for fun's sake. They all work to their purpose and are done very well! If you like VeggieTales or have liked Buck Devnver reports from JellyFish Labs, you will like the original content on JellyTelly.

JellyTelly is geared towards children. Based on the content, JellyTelly fits that demeographic. However, I personally think all the programming is entertaining, and that's coming from a guy in his 20's. Even though JellyTelly is for children, the programming is great for all ages, young and old.

When Phil Vischer first announced JellyTelly, he said that this "mini-network...could help launch the next wave of Christian kids programming, as well as Christian storytellers, musicians and artists." After seeing the first week of what JellyTelly has to offer, I am sure that this could be a reality. If established Christian media makers will take the time to support JellyTelly by providing their back catalog of shows and producing new shows based on their established properties, along with brand new film makers making new shows, great things can happen! It's a perfect time for JellyTelly. Sign up for JellyTelly today!

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